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  • Easement Acquisition

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  • Roadways

  • Multi-Use Trail Systems

  • Rail Systems

  • Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Prequalified in Rural & Urban Roadway Design and Pedestrian & Bicycle Facility Design

Solutions for Today

Planning for Tomorrow

Getting people from Point A to Point B is a fundamental need within civilization. As modes of transportation have evolved and with today's hectic pace, these facilities are increasingly important not only for commerce, but for recreation as well. These critical infrastructure pieces serve as the backbone of a community and must be easily accessible, reliable and easy to navigate. From roadways to pedestrian and other multi-use paths, Bell employs engineers and certified planners with experience in a variety of transportation related projects.

Transportation engineering at Bell involves specifying, designing, constructing and maintaining transportation infrastructure. We can help you with the development, design and construction of your next transportation project.

Contact our team today to see how we can help you bring your next planning or design project to life.


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