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Somerset Water Treatment Plant Upgrades

Bell has worked with the Somerset system for approximately 60 years and has completed a variety of upgrades at the WTP including an upgrade from 4.5 mgd to 6 mgd conventional and 6 mgd conventional to 10 mgd combined conventional/super pulsator. This project included an expansion which increased the capacity from 10 mgd to 16 mgd utilizing membrane filtration, with the ability to upgrade to 20 mgd in the future. All upgrades took place on the existing site.

Somerset requested a preliminary design for a new 2,500 KW bi-fuel (diesel & natural gas) generator system to be included with the design of the new WTP. The bi-fuel genset use diesel engines and inject 75% natural gas/25% diesel blend. The estimated cost of this project is over $3 million.

Bell began working with the City to develop this project in 2006. This project was funded by a $20 million RD grant and loan package and is currently the largest American Recovery Reinvestment Act (ARRA) water project in the United States. The project was bid in August 2011 and construction began in November 2011. Construction lasted 730 calendar days with final completion on April 21, 2015.

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