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Lower Howard’s Creek Water Treatment Plant

The City of Winchester and Winchester Municipal Utilities (WMU)  have supplied drinking water to customers since the early 1890’s.  WMU has improved their water system considerably over the last several decades.  A high level of maintenance, operation and customer service is maintained despite the fact that sections of the distribution system are over 100 years old.


In the spring of 2016, WMU contracted with Bell engineering to design a new 9.0 million gallon per day water treatment plant to replace the existing WTP.  Portions of the existing WTP are nearly 100 years old.  Bell prepared seven technical memorandums to help guide WMU through the design process and provide buy-in during the design phase.  Each technical memorandum provided alternative analysis and an engineering recommendation.  WMU accepted Bell’s recommendation for each of the seven TM’s and final design began in the fall of 2016.  Design was completed in the fall of 2017 and the project was advertised for bidding in October, 2017 and bids were received in November, 2017.  A final recommendation of award was issued for Judy Construction Co. for a bid amount of $19.982 million, over $3.6 million under budget.  WMU signed a contract with Judy in December 2017 and construction began in early 2018.

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