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UK/Nicholasville Road Flood Mitigation

The UK/Nicholasville Road Flood Mitigation project included a number of water quantity and quality control measures implemented in the Nicholasville Road area adjacent to Commonwealth Stadium. Seven detention basins were enlarged or modified within the 240-acre watershed to accommodate the 100-year 24 hour storm and BMP's such as bio-infiltration swales, biorentention, vegetative buffers, hydrodynamic separators, permeable pavements and stream restoration will be implemented and monitored over a 3 year period to measure effectiveness in treating water quality. Additionally, a variety of utility relocations along Shawneetown Drive and Alumni Drive took place, Shawneetown Drive was permanently removed and upgrades were made at the upstream side of the culvert on Nicholasville Road. The project served a dual purpose as a passive park with a 900 ft. shared-use asphalt trail and two viewing areas overlooking the relocated stream while including concealed stormwater management attributes that are not easily discernible.

As part of the larger stormwater management project, a new lot containing 637 parking stalls at 8.5 feet by 18 feet with 24 foot wide aisles was constructed. Landscape islands were included at row ends and some mid-aisle. Possible provisions for lighting were coordinated. The lot was designed to accommodate the existing South Campus Parking Lot reconfiguration and expansion. The parking lot contains underground stormwater detention and water quality units

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