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Cumberland Falls Overlook

The Upper and Lower Viewing Areas at Cumberland Falls State Resort Park were dilapidated and had reached the end of their useful life. Bell Engineering was selected for to design a removable railing system and ADA walkway to the existing Falls Overlooks, and to rehabilitate the elevated walkways and platforms at the lower viewing areas of the falls. With the completed upgrades, the viewing areas will serve the public for years to come.

The Lower Viewing Area project involved the design and construction of structural repairs on an elevated walkway which brings tourists along the face of a cliff to two separate viewing areas on the lower side of the Falls. All existing railings were removed and repaired as a part of this project. Before the improvements, the Lower Viewing Areas were dilapidated and there were noticeable structural cracks in the elevated walkways. Upon completion of the project, all railing was repaired to a like new state, all of the structural steel was replaced with stainless steel to prevent future corrosion, and the portions of the elevated walkway with structural deficiencies were corrected and new concrete was placed. The lower viewing area got a much needed face-lift that will keep this portion of the park in good shape for years to come.

The Upper Viewing Area was experiencing many of the same problems as the Lower Viewing Area. Portions of the Upper Viewing Area actually extend into the Cumberland River just above the Falls. Years of flooding had taken their toll on the removable railing system and surrounding stone walls. Bell designed a new, more efficient railing system that can be taken down or reinstalled in a quarter of the time of the old one. The new system involves custom designed powder coated aluminum rails. Bell also designed an exposed aggregate concrete walkway that will allow ADA access to the Falls. This feature that was absent before, and we are proud to have contributed to more vistors being able to enjoy this natural wonder.

It should be noted that the contracts grew in scope and scale as the work was being performed. Often times, the State uses this strategy to perform additional needed work after seeing bid results for their projects. Bell Engineering was happy to provide the additional services to get more work done on this project.

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