Somerset Midtown Sanitary Sewer Groundbreaking

The City of Somerset, Kentucky, held a groundbreaking ceremony April 17, 2014, to mark the beginning of the Midtown Sanitary Sewer Project. The City has experienced significant growth during the past 10 years. As a result, their sanitary sewer system is overloaded and experiences significant inflow and infiltration. This project will replace approximately 12,400 linear feet of undersized trunk sewer with 24- and 30-inch PVC and ductile iron pipe. These improvements will greatly increase the system capacity reducing sanitary sewer overflows.

The $3,000,000 project is funded through a $1,800,000 U.S. Economic Development Agency (EDA) grant as well as local funds. The event was attended by Somerset Mayor Eddie Girdler; City Council Members Jim Rutherford, Mike New, Tom Eastham, John Minton, Jimmy Eastham, and Jim Mitchell; Carrie Weise, City Attorney; Alex Godsey, City Engineer; Charles Dick, Somerset Wastewater Manager; Dana Whitis, Water and Wastewater Coordinator; Martin Johnson, Gary Epperson, and Charles Combs, Somerset Wastewater Department; and Eric Weddle, Weddle Construction.

Midtown Sewer Groundbreaking

Owingsville Groundbreaking

The City of Owingsville, KY held a groundbreaking ceremony August 2, 2011 to mark the beginning of the KY 111 and US 60 Sanitary Sewer Extensions project which will bring sanitary sewer service to 104 households that currently rely on failing septic systems to handle raw sewage.

The project is being funded by a $1,040,000 grant from KIA and a $666,000 RD loan and grant package. Dignitaries in attendance at the event included Mayor Gary Hunt, City of Owingsville; Councilmembers Mary Ellen Johnson and Nancy Purvis, City of Owingsville; Tom Fern, Rural Development State Director; Vernon Brown, Rural Utilities Service Program Director; Elwood Howell, Rural Utilities Service Area Specialist; John Covington, KIA Executive Director; Heather O’Banion, Administrator – Ridgeway Manor Nursing Home and several representatives from the Gateway ADD.

owingsville groundbreaking