Presentation at AZ Water Association Conference and Exhibition

Mr. Jim D. Buckles, P.E., BCEE recently presented on Wastewater Sampling: The Challenges of Representative Wastewater Sampling at the 85th Annual AZ Water Association Conference and Exhibition in Glendale, Arizona. Serving as the Arizona chapter of the American Water Works Association and the Arizona member association of the Water Environment Federation, AZ Water’s primary functions are education and dissemination of information for providing safe water and for the reclamation of wastewater.

Mr. Buckles’ presentation outlined appropriate equipment and procedures to ensure accurate flow measurements along with BMP’s for obtaining truly representative data. Topics of discussion included calibration, selecting locations, observation and notes and collection safety including avoiding confined space entry when possible.

Campton Open House

The City of Campton hosted an open house at the new Campton Water Treatment Plant on Saturday, May 19th in celebration of its completion. The ACEC award winning plant utilizes state-of-the-art membrane treatment technology to provide the citizens of Campton, Kentucky with high quality, reliable water. The project was possible as a result of joint efforts between local and state representatives who joined the City in their celebration.

Dignitaries in attendance at the event included State Senator Robert Stivers; State Representative Richard Henderson; Mayor Gay Campbell, City of Campton and Judge Executive Dennis Brooks, Wolfe County. The event was also attended by Campton Councilmembers and other community representatives; Water Treatment Plant Superintendent Garrett Denniston and other operating personnel; Benny Hamilton, KRADD Coordinator; Elwood Howe, Rural Development Area Specialist and Kerry Smith, Smith Contractors, Inc.